Susie Newby

Susie is the department chair for the mission and community outreach committee. Her passions lie in raising interest and finding resources to support local and global missionaries. Reaching out and building relationships with those in need in the community is very important to her.

Susie is native to Colorado and has been with Korean Christian Church since she was born. She accepted Christ during a youth retreat in 1999 and is always trying to learn and grow in her faith.

Susie will be married 5 years this year (2019) to her husband Nick and they have two children together. Susie will be graduating with her Master’s degree in Social Work in May and will be working to serve the underserved populations of Colorado. Currently she is a clinical social work intern at the Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Susie loves to teach, explore new restaurants and travel. A quote she lives by is, “if it looks greener on the other side, water your side.” She lives to make this a possibility for all by serving those that do not have the privilege to water their side.